Top Pocket Friendly oxidised meenakari earring We Adore

Top Pocket Friendly oxidised meenakari earring We Adore

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When you are a bride one of the biggest choices you'll have to make is about your jewelry and the type of jewelry you choose. One of the latest trends this season is Meenakari jewelry. Meenakari jewelry was brought into India through the Mughals. It is just enamelled jewellery that is a component of the bridal jewelry wear for quite a while. Today, many fashions have been introduced in pastel hues or a combination between Meenakari and Kundan. We've put together all the latest styles together which is why you should save your favorites.

"Jewelry can be described as the ideal spice - it never takes away the things you already have." This famous line from the well-known and adored fashion icon and designer, Diane Von Furstenberg is relatable to all women who love wearing a sexy outfit. When we mention of jewelry the high price tag is the first thought that pops into your mind. It's not unusual to think that beautiful jewellery will always cost a fortune and therefore, isn't within your budget. Another belief that is popular is that jewelry that isn't expensive like pocket-friendly oxidised earrings aren't of good quality. Therefore, it's not worthy of your time nor money. What if, however, we claim that we own the right jewelry that makes heads turn but not burn holes in your pockets? Doesn't that sound like a game-changer?

One among the more well-known kinds of jewelry is the silver worn earrings that have been oxidized ,pendants, neckpieces as well as neckpieces. From these choices earrings are those which draw the majority of our interest due to their ease to wear them with our everyday outfit, as well as the affordability, to name some of the reasons. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and brackets. We acknowledge that every price bracket has its own additional features, but that doesn't mean that the jewelry that costs the same as the price of a McDonald's Aloo Tikki meal is not worth your time.

These are pocket-friendly sterling silver oxidised earrings that we adore and bring jaws to the floor! For college students on a budget, or women who's New Year's resolution is to cut down on expenditure on jewelry we have a list perfect for you!

  1. Antique Silver Oxidised Durga Stud Earrings

Durga symbolizes the power that is encased within every woman. This earrings is a manifestation of this power within all of us. Made of aluminum, this earring embodies class and elegance, with a appearance of sterling silver. It will go with classic white shirt and blue jeans or your go-to Kurti perfectly. It's an excellent option for women who don't wish to wear 'too strong jewelry and want to make a subtle , yet striking fashion statement. With a weight of just 18 grams, you will not even feel the weight on your ear. Let the Durga inside you be the center of attention!

2. Quirky Parrot Motif Stud Earrings

The name indicates that this one is a departure from the typical style of the well-loved metal earrings. It's perfect for people who are looking to experiment with their style and are awed by the Indian nature and wildlife. It looks great with bright or pastel coloured curtas that are worn with ripped leggings or jeans. Skin-friendly and lightweight, it is a must-have in your jewelry list.

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